Blackjack History

There is no person who can say for sure when blackjack game was created and no one exactly knows when it will cease to exist. In spite of the fact this remains that blackjack is still one of the most popular games at every corner of our world.

The blackjack history takes people on the long and interesting journey of the game to present day. Undoubtedly the game is incredible rise in its popularity.

Tracking Blackjack's Origins

A lot of card games which we play nowadays can be easily traced back to 10th century China were playing cards were firstly printed. Then in the time of the Middle Ages all card games appeared in the Middle East region from where it was picked up by European Crusaders who later came back to Europe with the wealth and card games. Almost all historians say that the first European card game that was popular as Hazard and from Hazard were games such as poker and blackjack.

History of Blackjack Game: Naming Wars

All in all it is said that card games arrived in Europe nearly in the 14th century but it's still unknown where the blackjack game was played. But some great historians credit the Spanish game "Veintiuno" to be blackjack game first progenitor. Another people believe that blackjack was originated from the famous French game "Vingt-Un" 18th century. However Italy seems to have the strongest argument considering the Italian game "Trentuno" which dates back to the 15th century.

Evolution of Blackjack Rules

Regardless of which country tries to be the originators of Blackjack game it's widely known that the rules of this game were evolved from French Blackjack. All of the main blackjack rules today were available in the 18th century game of Ving-Un except for insurance and surrender options.

The French Vingt-Un meaning "21"

As any casino games Americans seem to be the last players on the whole earth who find out about the blackjack game.

Originally Blackjack game took off in America in the 19th century owing to the influx of French immigrants in the New Orleans city. Nowadays although the game stayed largely the same the name of the game was translated into English i.e. "21" which stuck on for some period of time.