Spanish 21

There are many blackjack variations such as Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, Spanish 21 and many others. Lets speak about Spanish 21. What makes this game different? The deck that is used in this game has only 48 cards as four ten point cards were removed. This change in the game tilts the odds in the casino`s favor. Spanish 21 requires 6 or 8 decks with 48 cards in each deck. In order to compensate for removing the10s, you will have the opportunity to get additional bonuses .You should also remember that very often the potential for bonus hands will mean that the game is influenced by the quantity of cards we have on the table we play at. We often risk busting some hard totals in case if we have 4-6 cards in order to have a chance to win at blackjack. In Malaysia and Australia Spanish 21 is often called Pontoon. And in these countries the game has slightly different rules.

NB: One of the most fundamental rules in Spanish 21 game (that pretty differs from standard blackjack) is the rule that if a player has 21 points, and a dealer has 21 points, the player will always win. This rule seems to be very attractive for blackjack players.

Spanish 21 Strategies

Rules of Spanish 21 are a bit different than those in Blackjack, for instance. As a result, the strategies employed in the game should also be different. Below you will be able to see the strategy chart which makes the Spanish 21 game much more understandable for you. When you first look at the chart below, it might seem a bit complicated but, in fact, it isn`t so: