Blackjack Basic Strategy

Most people think that it is enough to know the blackjack rules in order to become a winner in this game. But it is not right belief as you should also know some basic blackjack strategies. The main aim of the game is to get 21 points without having the bust. But you need to remember that it is an essential rule to get more points than a dealer. If you have the same number of points that the dealer has, the dealer (not you) will be declared as a winner. The payout of the game is usually 2:1 which is much higher in comparison with many other casino games.

Some people tend to think that this game has the simplest rules and the results depend on your luck only. The matter is that such statement is wrong because here you able to change the outcome of the game by applying some strategies.

Blackjack - You Can Predict Results

Blackjack is seemed to be the game in which you can predict the outcome. In most casino games you can`t predict the results of the game but you may do this while playing blackjack what makes this game pretty attractive for gamblers.

To play the game you have to know two types of hands in blackjack: the hard hand and the soft hand. Hard hand is that hand which doesn't contain any ace and soft hand is the hand containing an ace and that can be counted as 1 or 11. Below you may see some blackjack tips that concern blackjack hands.

Soft Hand Tips

  1. Stand if you get ace and 8 or 9 or 10
  2. Double if you have ace and 4 or 5 and dealer has 4-6 otherwise hit
  3. Double if you have ace and 2-3 and dealer has 5-6 otherwise hit
  4. If you have ace and 6 and dealer has 3-6 then double, if other then hit
  5. If you have ace and 7 and dealer has 3-6 then double but stand if the dealer has 2 or 7 or 8 or other

Hard Hand Tips

  1. If your hand has 17-20 points then stand any way
  2. If you have 13-16 and dealer has 2-6 then stand, otherwise hit
  3. If you have 12 and dealer has 4-6 then stand otherwise hit
  4. If you have 11 and dealer has 2-10 then double but if dealer has ace then hit
  5. If you have 10 and dealer has 2-9 then double otherwise hit
  6. If you have 9 and dealer has 3-6 then double but if dealer has 2 or 7-Ace then hit
  7. If you have 8 then always call hit