Card Counting

It is supposed that high valued cards are always beneficial for blackjack players and low valued cards are not beneficial for the players. Maintaining a high valued and low valued cards ratio, a player can choose whether he should play those cards or not. In order to increase your winning blackjack odds, you need to have a good memory which is also required for card counting.

HI/LO Blackjack Counting

The HI/LO blackjack counting assigns such card values as A (high cards) and 2-6 +1, 7-9, 0, 10, J, K. Now you need to start card counting after the shuffle at 0. You have to do nothing when you see cards with (7-9) face value. The result you will have is RC (running count). Running count indicates the number of additional low or high cards already dealt. When this count is higher than zero, there are some high cards that will appear. It means that then the cards deck is more attractive for the player.

For instance, the cards combination has been dealt while playing the 1st round of the game:

  • A,10 - PLAYER ONE
  • 3,7 - PLAYER TWO
  • 8,9 - PLAYER THREE
  • 5,9 - PLAYER FOUR
  • 4,6 - PLAYER FIVE
  • 10 - DEALER

The counting will be the following: the RC begins at zero.

Player #1 has got two high cards, running count is -2.

Player #2 has got one natural card and one low card, thus, RC is -1.

Player #3 has got two natural cards, thus, the count is not changed; RC is increased to zero.

Player #4 has got one low card.

Player #5 has got two low cards and RC is increased to 2.

Dealer shows high cards and RC goes down to 1; the final result of RC is 1.

True Counting

True counting is the counting process regarding the cards that remain in the card deck. Every remaining card in the deck gives extra 0.5% advantage for blackjack players. So, the players ought to calculate the total advantage of the remaining cards in the deck. Using true counting system, the players can get the number that is called true count and the counting process gives the players the assessment of remaining cards. Remember that if you play blackjack online, there is no need to count cards as they are shuffled after each round.