Blackjack Basics

You are welcomed to the world of blackjack game. If you wish to find out more about it, you are in the right place, and if you don't you can always go for this site to have some fun there. You will learn how to play the blackjack game, get some knowledge of blackjack history, rules, strategy and of course variations. This is a game which attracts millions of people.

Let's Get It Started

Many people say that if blackjack was created nowadays, the gambling houses would never include this game to the list of games, as it has great odds for the gamblers. And this is not what the casinos like. If you gamble blackjack in the right way, you can get a positive expectation activity.

How to Play Blackjack Game

The main aim of blackjack game is to beat the dealer. Why? Because the croupier is interested in your money loss and takes your bet. Sometimes blackjack game is called 21. This is the total sum which you have to get while playing but remember, not more. If the player gets 22 or more points than he busts, what means the gambler automatically lose.

If the player gets more points than the croupier, he wins. Of course there are main blackjack rules which you should know. Firstly you should place your bet and begin playing. Every gambler gets 2 cards face up and one of the dealer's cards should be placed face up and one - face down. When you get the cards you had to decide what to do next:

Stand - you determine to take no more cards. In the real game you should say "Stay" or "Stand".

Hit - you determine to get one more card. In the real blackjack game you can say "Hit" or "Hit me."

Split - if you get 2 same value cards, you are able to split them into 2 hands. For example, if the player has two 10s and wants to split, he or she should make a bet on the hand that has just appeared, then the croupier deals you one more card on each hand.

Double Down - you double the original bet and after this you get one more card and stand.

Surrender - you have your two cards, after this you should determine to stop playing and you get half of your bet back.

Insurance -when you see that the dealer's first card is the Ace, you can make the insurance bet. If the croupier has 21 points, your insurance bet will win, while others lose.

It is not so difficult to learn and practice how to gamble blackjack game everything that you need is get some important skills and blackjack basic strategy.