From the variety of blackjack games Pontoon Blackjack is really being popular nowadays moreover, it can be found in many respectable online casinos. That is why it this game attracts people who the whole world. The history of Pontoon blackjack begins in Britain. Moreover, it is commonly known that this game is a close sibling of the regular blackjack. So if you know the blackjack basics, it won`t be difficult to master this blackjack variation. Nevertheless there are some differences in the game rules which you should learn before you start gambling.

Pontoon blackjack game plays with 8 card decks. That means that there are multiple cards available that is why it can lead to some strange hands at times. The first important difference in this game is that the croupier's cards are dealt face down, unlike in regular blackjack game where one card is face up. Other rule changes which you had to know in order to have good Pontoon game are as follows.

Terminology used in Pontoon Blackjack Games

  • A twist in pontoon game is the means a hit in blackjack game.
  • A stick in pontoon game is means as a stand in blackjack.
  • A buy in pontoon game is means as double down in blackjack.

Pontoon Blackjack Games Rules

  • Any 2 cards with the value of 10 can be split.
  • The player gets paid 2:1 in case you split Aces and hit a pontoon.
  • If the player splits aces, he or she should stick. Moreover, you may only take one card per hand after the split.
  • In case of a tie, the croupier gets the victory.
  • A buy is allowed only once per hand, and you should have two-four cards while you buy.
  • On soft 17s, the croupier will always do a twist.

Surrender is allowed in pontoon blackjack game, but when the croupier has aces or a face card.

Until every gambler has played his or her hands, the croupier will not play their hand. However, a croupier should check if there is a pontoon before players start. Besides, a card counting strategy can be accepted. However with 8 decks which are presented it will be almost impossible to realize such idea.

Pontoon blackjack is a kind of game where a good blackjack strategy will make you chances of winning very high. So, play blackjack online and also enjoy many other blackjack variations.