Slot Machine Strategy

Slot machine strategy incorporates the whole set of possible slot gambling strategies that have ever been applied at slots. Slot machine strategy really can be used, notwithstanding the claims of the most skeptic gamers that slots are the game of chance and none slot machine strategy works. And here is a guide to play blackjack, very interesting.

Regardless of what people say, however, the major slot machine strategies are the following:

• Naked pull

• Loss limits

• Chicken strategy

• Up the steps

• Other strategies

Naked pull

Naked pull is known to be the slot machine strategy that is mostly applied at 5 coin slot machines. The main idea of the strategy is considered to be keeping in minimum all possible game losses and saving the gamer’s funds. In order for the strategy to work the gamer must think of the number between seven and fourteen. Thus, for example, if 7 is chosen as a naked pull number and after 7 pulls the return is still zero, the gamer must immediately finish the gaming session.

Loss Limits

As far as Loss limits are considered to be the amount of money that probably may be lost by the gamers in particular slots gambling period, when the gamer lost a lot of funds, the main thing is to quit immediately!

Loss limits strategy is aimed at protecting the gamer’s bankroll from exhaust.

Chicken Strategy

This strategy demands from the gamer the chicken behavior – hit and run! The main idea is, indeed, acting like the chicken. The gamer, for instance, wins money in the particular slots gaming round, and after that simply escapes with it.

Up the Steps

Up the steps is mostly used in online slots gambling. The primary basics of the up the steps strategy is considered to be the following: it is recommended to start with the betting minimum money amount and gradually pass over to the raising of the bets, till the return is reached.

Other Strategies

Alongside the most common slots strategies like above mentioned loss limits, chicken strategy, up the steps, or naked pull, etc. there are some more less recognizable, however working slot machine strategy collection.

The other strategies set incorporates the bet sizing, play charting, sober gaming, rewarding programs joining, casino clubs, slots clubs, video poker gambling.